How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams Details Info

How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams

How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams

We wish to dedicate our this article to all our such friends who have great fear in their mind thinking about the English language i.e. speaking, reading, writing etc. one must get know clearly next to impossible in a night to command over language while it needs the complete grammar knowledge. Continue practice day and night and raise the level of confidence.

So are you ready to lead ahead now to know what and how then possible to gain on this? One should treat this article “How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams” as a boon for struggling guys. Here are covered important topics as in learning examine and solving exam questions, so read on! 

The important topics get covered with this post are:

  • How to do preparation of Grammar
  • How to enhance Vocabulary
  • The skills of Comprehension
  • The section of Spelling Mistakes
  • Topic about Sentence formation
  • The Use of a Dictionary
  • Learn a List of Words
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Tips to prepare English for competitive exams

1. The sincere reader must learn parts of speech and improve vocabulary

Thinking about any other language, the formation of English is also made of words of many kinds. So this language is the only logical thing to start with words and word power when one thinks about learning and mastering English.

2. Revise basic grammar once again

How did you have your English grammar in school years? If yes then you know, without having the basic and common knowledge of English grammar, it is hard and impossible to good score in any type of English paper.

3. To Read the English novels and other non-fiction books:

English is also a simple language same like others, wishing to improve grip over it sincere reader must make habit of reading it and read it a lot. The one can learn so much of grammar and many its rules, usage and other important parts but without reading the language, it would not be as useful.

4. To Read English newspapers like Times of India and the Indian Express etc daily.

Here gets solved 2 purposes in one effort. 1st as Along with an improvement in the proficiency over English, side by it helps one to increase general awareness about current affairs. Buy one or two English newspapers daily.

5. To Watch English News and movie channels

This can be fun while you learn.

How to enhance Vocabulary?

There are many different ways to improve your English word power.

  1. A. One should make a good habit of reading a newspaper every day. …
  1. B. It is a good to read novels. …
  1. C. One should watch the English news. …
  1. D. Good if one Joins Toastmasters.
  1. E. Make a good habit to write regularly. …
  1. F. Get start to Talk to people.

The skills of Comprehension-

There is given Examples of comprehension skills that can be learned and followed to apply to all reading situations include:

  • To Summarize
  • To Sequence
  • To Inference
  • To Compare and contrast 
  • Get the Drawing conclusions
  • To do the Self-questioning
  • To do the Problem-solving
  • The skill of Relating background knowledge
  • The skill to Distinguish between fact and opinion
  • To Find the main idea, important facts, and supporting details

How to Improve English Spelling:

  1. One should Use mnemonics. To remember the information is difficult. …
  1. One should learn a few rules. …
  1. One should learn commonly misspelled words. …
  1. One should Make a list of the words where get find trouble spelling. …
  1. One should get Check word origins in the dictionary. …
  1. One should Chunk it. …
  1. One should Sound it out. …
  1. One should take the help of drawing a picture.

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The section of Spelling Mistakes-

  1. 1st use to find the meaning of an English word which is heard or seen.
  1. 2nd to find the English translation of a word in given language.
  1. 3rd to Get check the spelling of a word.
  1. 4th to check the plural of a noun or past tense of a verb.
  1. 5th to find out if there is other grammatical information about a word.

How to prepare for written examination

There is given below the following guidelines to remember new words:

  1. One must do the regular Practice of writing the word and its definition often.
  1. It is the good habit of doing Practice saying the word. …
  1. Sincere searchers should learn the word and with its meaning the first time it is seen
  1. One should make vocabulary flip cards from index cards. …
  1. Good practice to make up a sentence to understand using the word correctly.

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How to Prepare English

There are given below some useful points that one must remember while taking up an English Competitive test.

  1. One must learn the basics and proper usage of Grammar.
  2. One must Improve Vocabulary
  3. One must Go through the Comprehension skills
  4. One must not do the spelling mistakes
  5. One must get check if sentence formation is clear and concise

How to Make English Strong for Competitive Exams

The language English plays very important role and considered as major participation in almost all the competitive exams of the present time. The one who does not has the good command over the English language then may result in adverse of expectations expecting the outcome in this competitive world. The sincere reader must get ready now to fight with the fear and if scare of English language.

How to Prepare English for Any Competitive Exams

The reader of our post gets covers all aspects of the right way to prepare English for competitive exams. We have provided in this section favoring the sincere wishes to find different ways to boost the English knowledge and skill which is required for the competition exam.

At last and at the final stage, we shared this article with little experience of whatever we could find in our surroundings. Still, this is half without collecting your feedback and valuable views and at this time now we are looking forward to your suggestions to make our work more inclusive and helpful to the community. 

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